“Content” means many things to many people.

For us, it simply means the information that brands need to share with their customers in order to keep that precious dialogue going that will ultimately lead to a sale.

It’s your proof of expertise as a B2B brand.

So our first thought is not to decide whether it should take the form of a video, a blog, a whitepaper or a podcast. Our main job is to work out how to best impress your prospects.

That’s why we have a very simple process. There are three parts to it:

  1. We find out about your customers – what they want to know, what bothers them, what makes their lives difficult, what could make them easier, what could make them happier.

  2. We then find out about you and what you have to offer that answers the above. We need to know where your expertise lies – and what capacity you have to drive the content machine. No point in suggesting a series of employee blogs when no one wants to do it.

  3. And then we look at how your competitors are already trying to do this. This enables us to create something that is new and different and compelling to your audience. (Although it also sometimes shows that they’re doing something right – which we then improve on.)

Our process requires you to tell us as much as you know. You can write it in a brief, or we can interview your salespeople. We can sit down with the customer reps, or go for a drink with the development team. We don’t mind as long as we get under the skin of what makes you special to your customers – and why they will want your content.

A simple deliverable

Another key dimension of our agile approach is that we don’t overdo things. For example, we won't spend hours (that you would pay for) making something pretty just to present it to you. To us, great ideas are beautiful in themselves. We would rather just get round a table and explain them.

Equally, we won't insist on doing everything ourselves. Most agencies will say they deliver a "full service" but that really means they get to charge for all the work and then do it all in isolation. Many of our clients have brilliant people in house: we want to work with them, we want to use their knowledge of the customer, the website, the product. Agile Content joins in with your team to give you the most cost-effective way possible of solving the content problem.