Why the need for content "fracking" is greater than ever

Last year, I produced an infographic about ways in which organisations could more effectively source content from within their own organisations. I called it "The Illustrated Guide To Content Fracking" because, while that content was valuable, it was often buried deep within the organisation, and bringing it to the surface was often too difficult to make it viable. 

This gained some interest from the content marketing community and was featured by the Content Marketing Institute (surely the gold standard for any B2B content marketers :)) – but it appeared that marketers remained more likely to rely on agencies and other external parties for their content development. 

However, as B2B brands grapple with more competition and the need for more stand-out content, one of the most effective ways is to seek it from within. Now more than ever, brands are unable to simply increase their budget to meet the content production demands. Methodologies like agile content development can help – but if you already have great expertise within your company, why not use that before going and spending money externally?

Take a look at the tips for content tracking below (or download the full pdf here) – every one of them will give you a better chance to unearth some of that enormous value that lies deep within your company.