We're all the same. Because we all need to be different.

Whether you work in SEO, branding, email marketing or any other marketing discipline, we have one big thing in common: the need to differentiate our client.

I raise this because a friend (from the SEO specialists Volvox) was telling me about the importance of “topic clusters” to Google’s search algorithm. Essentially, he was saying that the best way to get your content noticed by Google is to ensure that all content is closely associated with a single topic – and not trying to be everything to everyone.

Funny thing is, this is also the best way to get your content noticed by humans. In fact, it is possibly the best way to get your brand, your product, your company, your ads or anything else noticed by humans.

You need to find something that differentiates you - and then stick to that message. The more you push on that point of differentiation (whether in ad messaging, content programmes, web copy, product design, or any other area) the more likely it is to sink in and have an effect.

Brand planners will talk about an essential brand essence. Product designers about a USP. Ad planners will ask for a unique message proposition. And now apparently SEO guys want topic clusters.

You know what? We’re all in the same game.