Imagine. Your agency has fired the receptionist. And it’s your fault.

Imagine this. Your agency rings you up to say that they’re doing a special offer. 

The MD explains that every content campaign you give them, you get another one free. So you pay for the Q1 campaign. And they do the Q2 campaign for free. 

That way you get brilliant agency creative, top writers and immaculate design. 

But you only pay for half of it.

They can do this because they’ve sacked the receptionist and support staff, closed down the office and everyone is working from home. No IT support costs, no photocopier contract, no executive car parking spaces. They save a fortune in costs. They pass it straight onto you.


But unlikely.

Now imagine this. The people from a top B2B agency decide to work together without the agency. So they don’t need the receptionist. Or the office. Or the photocopier. You get the idea. 

But they work together just as they did. The planner plans. The writer writes. The designers design. These are the same people who won Agency Of The Year Awards, the ones who worked on campaigns for Vodafone, PayPal, Facebook, and many other clients, large and small.

But they now cost half as much as they did when they worked for an agency.

The difference is that this is real. The people from Agile Content have been working with major clients throughout 2015. And they can work for you next year – and effectively give you two campaigns for the price of one. 

Or of course you are free to carry on paying double. 

Drop me a line if you would like to know more about how we can help with your content planning in 2016.

A quick chat on the phone costs you nothing. And we’ll even give you 50% off that.

Best regards


John Bottom
Founder, Agile Content
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